GS Hitech Controls can also help you with your specialty instrumentation needs. Whether it is a custom designed signal conditioner, or a severe service Claus Reactor temperature measurement device, no challenge is too big or too small. If you are interested in learning more about our Specialty Products, do not hesitate to contact us to have your questions answered by our qualified sales team.

PRIBUSIN INC. – Manufacturers of Quality Process Controls and Instrumentation

Pribusin Mission Statement: Pribusin Incorporated is committed to designing, manufacturing, and selling quality industrial control equipment that provides their customers with reliable products at competitive prices while maintaining long-term relations with customers. Pribusin prides themselves in their outstanding technical support both before and after the sale, in their commitment to go the extra mile for their customers and in their knowledgeable and helpful representatives.

  • Signal Isolators & Conditioners
  • Displays
  • Alarm Trips
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Telemetry Systems
  • Solar Power Systems
  • Power Supplies
  • Pump Controllers


Delta kodataDelta Controls is unique among manufacturers of process equipment and instrumentation. Founded over 30 years ago, Delta Controls, an engineering technology based manufacturer, specializes in providing heavy duty industrial grade instruments, sensors, and controls to meet the exacting needs of manufacturers and processors throughout the world.

Delta Controls wide range of measurement technologies provides the unique ability to furnish the best type of equipment for each application. Delta Controls does not rely on a single technology which must be force fitted into an application for the purpose of securing an order. There are pitfalls with every technology; successful application depends upon the careful review of all the details of each application and the careful selection of the proper instrument. Without bias, Delta Controls can assist customers in solving their measurement and control problems.

  • Claus Reactor Temperature Measurement, Infrared and Thermocouple
  • Sounding Reel Level Transmitters
  • Refinery Desalter Interface Position Transmitter


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